Diary of a Virgo




I decided very recently to take this plunge into the world of blogging simply as a way to share bits and pieces of me.  I just find there’s something really powerful about mommies sharing their truth.  And I realized after being on social media for a while there was a serious need for moms like me to be represented.  My brainchild, QUIN KEN ZO, has been brewing for quite some time now but I’m a firm believer that timing is everything.  So here we are… I’m thrilled to finally have a platform and the confidence to give it life.  The premise behind this blog is simply just an outlet for me to grow by sharing my experiences and circumstances all while spreading the message of love, intention, self acceptance and positive energy.

I feel so lucky to have authentic people around me, vibrating higher, who shed their Love + Light, who inspire, who give, who uplift and who simply just want to Be Better and Do Better.  Just Fly in every sense of the word.  Soooo I thought it would be pretty cool to feature some of these amazingly fly mommies every Friday.  Please check them out and see for yourself how amazing they are.  There’s something to be said about women supporting women and my hope is that we can all learn a thing or two from these oh so fly FlyMommies! #diaryofavirgo