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Grown ups need Playdates too!

Man, now that my sons are headed to college next week, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and really think about this next stage of my life.  We’re not quite empty nesters because we still have a few years left with our baby girl but the dynamic in the house is definitely going to take some getting used.

So much of my life was consumed with my kids’ schedules and agendas.  We found ourselves always running from one event or activity to the next, playing tagteam, just trying to make it to Friday. But one thing that has remained consistent from Day 1, even pre-kids, is my commitment to spending time with my tribe of sisterfriends.   Because for me, it’s truly a necessity.  I don’t have a big family so my friends have become family and I need and depend on them.  The sisterhood bond is like no other for me because they truly soothe my soul.  My sisterfriends have been with me for yeeeeears.  Some since the playground and some of us started this motherhood journey together.  So we get it and we get it each other.  We support each other.  We validate each other.  We laugh.  We cry.  We recharge.  And we have Playdates. 😉

I seriously believe that I would not be the mother I am without my friends by my side.  There is so much we deal with on a daily basis and it’s not always easy to go to a partner or a parent.  There are biases and judgements that sometimes come with exposing yourself to family members.  Women need a platform to release, free of criticism where we can be uplifted and supported.  I think a lot of times women carry so much responsibility.  Whether it’s to our children or our aging parents, our careers, or our relationships.  We tend to give soooooo much of ourselves and often times we don’t realize how much we’re being depleted by it all.  But when you take some time out just to reconnect with your girls, whether it’s sitting at the kitchen table drinking wine, or going out to dinner, there is instantly a stress-relief.

So when I get stressed, or irritable or feel unbalanced, I know it’s time for me to recharge.  And I do that by spending some quality time with my girls.  When my kids were little, if it was hard to get out, my girls and I would all just get together at someone’s house and have one big playdate.  It was perfect!  At times, we would easily have like 12-15 kids running around.  And at other times, it was often like the scene straight out of Bad Moms!  Man, do we have some stories!!  But as our kids got older, and some became teenagers, things changed and started to settle down a bit.

But through it all, the one thing that has never changed is how much fun we have when we’re together.  Our playdates never get old.  Find your tribe and love them hard.


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  1. Bella

    22 August

    Love this. I’m long overdue for a playdate ????.

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